Unconditional Love

I will share some of my thoughts about the importance of the highest love i know. Unconditional Love Wonder why so many people are so afraid of unconditional love and development or whatever it is that scares them when it is the only thing that … [Read more]

New Delhi 2013

Was invited and honored to hold a consultative and inspirational speeches in Delhi for India's development and people's needs within the spa health and wealth in life.   … [Read more]

Referens Peter Wallén

Certified NHLPA Agent The only person in Sweden who negotiates in the NHL right away. Hello, My name is Peter Wallen and I work as an agent for hockey players. My work includes largely to recruit young players who I think are the stars of … [Read more]

Referens Lucas Nilsson

Frank has shown me how life can be. Unlimited of love, opportunity and joy. He has led me to understand my inner power, to follow my heart's truth. I recommend a visit to Frank if you want to develop your inner resources. It has changed my life and I … [Read more]