About me

Frank Vitai – I am a spiritual healer

I do my work from love.

A level of higher consciousness, where love reigns supreme. It’s here where most good can be done. I believe that our soul, our spirit has a longing to connect with our mind and guide us in life. My intention is to simply help you to be aware of and embrace your deeper self. Ultimately connecting you to a higher consciousness within you, through your heart. So you can develop yourself and create a life with health, happiness, love and peace.

To connect with this level of consciousness you must learn to understand, and how to quite your mind, transcending thought and perception. To trust the spirit, heart (soul). Since your heart has all the answers. It guides you home because it is home.

I teach and guide how to be there, to be right here and now in your heart.

My teachings are nothing new under the sun. It is old, concrete wisdom based on experience – which I help bring to light in our times. The beauty of our human potential is that we are responsible for our own experience. So there is hope, for all of us.My humble understanding of myself, humans, all sentient beings and the universe is something that I have used in my work for 32 years now. Supporting and serving humans from all walks of life in many different contexts. Coaching elite athletes, mentoring business life, and as an everyday holistic healer.Physical body, mind and emotions, sub conches . Different stages that have lead me to awareness and to do spiritual soul work from my heart. Sharing is my calling. My own development has taken me from when I limited what I wanted to share, I even concealed my clairvoyant skills, and other gifts – to where I am now. Walking my path truthfully, dedicated to my given purpose. And I love my work.

Today, in 2019, awareness is spreading fast, far and wide. Modern humans need re-connecting with nature, to what really is. Psychology has learned from spiritual practice for a long time. Natural sciences have recently had to revise ideas and bow before the intelligent universe.We now talk about fields of energy without hesitation. To be alive is energy in a never-ending orbit. The universe is not at all chaotic; instead it is carefully designed as a holistic life form. Trustworthy and truthfully responding to cause and effect.Humankind’s spiritual development is to me a movement without boundaries between countries or religions. But without inner peace there can be no world peace.Rest assured that you already hold the map to your own inward journey. You only, can find your way to spirituality, to your heart. Which is at the same time a journey reflected on the outside. Where everything falls into its right place. Peacefully. The more comfortable you are with your own powers the more steadily energy flows through you and links you to supreme love. And that love brings harmony.I am grateful to be able to teach according to my abilities. To create a safe haven where intellectual illusions vanish, fears pale and fade away. Where transformation, spiritual enlightenment and awareness can prosper.The moment a person who has come to me for guidance begins to look inward an awakening is activated. An contact and opening of the heart. I only need to be there, here and now, as a humble compass. Unravelling what already is.

So that you can be here and now, and find trust in you. To be aware and conscious of the love that is inside you.Knowing that the flow of the universe will support you. Connecting you with a higher consciousness through deep and true compassion. Where we humans can feel that needed compassion, empathy and togetherness.

I am right here to do my work. Grounded, safe and stable. If I had listened to my own thoughts, my mind, I would not be where I am today.I choose to purify my heart and let it guide me, and I know. As simple as that.

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and see for yourself.

With love to all soulmates.

Your brother in spirit Frank Vitai