Couple counselling

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You can book physical meeting in Gothenburg through mail I also work through Skype or FaceTime which you can book under Book Mee her on my website. Note: Cancellations must be made within 48 hours prior to your appointment or you will be charged the whole amount.

The journey through life is constantly changing us. To share this journey with someone is divine. There are many reasons that can make love fade away. Therefore it is important to prioritize time together and not forgetting developing conversations during life’s journey. If we slip too far apart, we lose trust, respect and love for each other.
We can always get better at developing our love, therefore I have many people who come to me to further develop their relationship that is already good. There are also many people that forget to nurture their relationship and need to re-establish ties between each other. Some may need help to separate in a loving way because they are finished with each other.
In meetings with couples, my first question if they love each other. If love exists, I will guide the couple to understand themselves and each other, thereby creating a developing relationship. This sometimes requires a little change and sometimes it’s a long process. If a couple have totally lost trust for each other, or do not feel any love for each other anymore, I suggest that they go forward in life different paths and help them to handle their changes in life.

If the couple wants to continue the relationship even though they do not feel love or trust to each other, I can not help them.

I do not see any development with this.

True uncondunconditional love is for everyone.

With love


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