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Self-esteem and self-confidence

The main power I love and feel within myself is a feeling of immense unconditional love and security in my heart.
This power means that I can safely handle everything in my life in one or another way.
Perhaps what i could described as strong self-esteem or self-confidence may also be a sense of pride in who I am, or rather what I stand for and represent.

What creates this wonderful sense of security, power and love within then ?

If I go deeper, I see that it has its origin in something that I without thinking have chosen to do my whole life.
I have always wanted to have more of this force and feeling because it makes me feel so safe within myself, good and strong.
That feeling, for it has made me feel so good as human and created huge security within me.

It has also given me a tremendous experience of compassion and love for myself and for other people.

That feeling of love in the heart is every time I choose to see the good in others, share and support someone’s development in any way, not on my or their egos profits but to develop and grow as a human being in who they are in contact with their heart.

Not my way and Not your way The way of  the Nature

The unconditional love where I choose to see and support the people’s good sides, where their acts of kindness, as we all do in some form in our life, is divine, and how important this actions are.

Any actions I choose to do as a human based from the heart, makes me feel so good .

Everyone knows what is right or wrong in their heart.

I always chosen, and strives to do what I know is right in the heart and it has got my self-esteem strong and also my self-confidence, which also makes me proud of who I am or as I wrote before what I stand for and represent as human.

No one else knows what we humans think or why we do what we do more than ourselves.

So I know that, what makes us come to know our self as loving being, proud of who we are with a huge self-esteem, and strong self confidence, is when we do what we know is right in the heart.

No matter what it’s about, although people around us do not know what we are doing or even why we do it.

But everyone can feel when someone live their lives in contact with the heart and speaks from the heart.

The only one who can know why we do what we do is we ourselves.

Therefore we humans also have the conscience that tells us if we do wrong in life.
Either we choose to do what makes us love ourselves or we will find an excuse to choose something else.
As long as we continue to choose what we know is right in our heart, no matter how difficult and frightening it sometimes can be, the love for ourself and who we are will grow stronger.

The wonderful thing about this, is that everyone we meet during our journey through life, when we live in this path, that has a contact to their heart and ability to support our development, always do it

When the power of love for ourself is built from the heart’s choice, nothing can break it down, it is really the soul which according to me is interacting with the universal flow and its power in compassion.

The universe is a force of spiritual awareness and infinite love ,when we choose to interact with compassion in life this force can work trough us.

Being in partnership through the soul and working with the universal force through compassion and love.

No wonder we get unlimited power and self confidence,feel strong and proud of who we are and what we stand for.

No wonder that i believe in myself and the future, without knowing the future in my mind.

Why don`t you try it if your not already are living in that way ?

I promise you that you want be disappointed of the out coming result in your life.

Hugs and Love to you all out there.
From my soul and spiritual love
Your brother in compassion
Frank Vitai

About Frank Vitai

I’m a spiritual Healer . I work Global through Skype and FaceTime.