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Are you also living a happy life fullfield with love ?

If you are congratulation.

If not perhaps this can help you to develop that?

It`s through our journey in life we experience a lot of different things through or senses and create different realities and therefore also strive for different things in life.

Sometimes we share these realities with others but is it the reality that we want to share?

Perhaps some are just searching for more and some don`t search at all?

Perhaps some are satisfied with the life that they are living, and that’s it?

Perhaps we should learn to accept our life, and if not, change it? But how?

Perhaps we are searching for something completely different in ours life without knowing it?

Perhaps we all are living a life that`s wrong and we should do something about it?

Perhaps we are looking in the wrong direction, and that’s why we don`t find that ever lasting bliss?

Perhaps we should be more concerned about how we find love and happiness within not through our senses that are stimulated from the outside?

Did these questions make you confused, angry perhaps even satisfied because they didn’t concern you?

Don`t worry i just want to give you some tools to develop if you want to ?

What sort of questions do you ask yourself ?

One thing that I have learned in life is, that it`s not the answers that is difficult to find.

It`s to ask our self the right questions because that’s what leads us to the way we will develop.

What many people don’t think about is that they are searching for answers instead of the right questions.

The power to change everything, and i mean everything, is in asking the right questions according to me.

The answers are always there in our soul and heart and when the right question is asked,  you can`t fool yourself.

Then you will know what is the truth in your heart, your conscience will know,and you will get the power you need and possibility to change if something is wrong even if it’s frightening.

Please understand this is a way to get the power, to change not a way to make you feel bad if your first reaction is so.

Of course you can learn to disconnect the conscience, but then you lost the whole possibility of experience the highest love and happiness.

If you are asking yourself a lot of questions because your not satisfied in life and nothing changes, then you’re  probably not asking the right questions.

Perhaps it`s now that it is the right time to ask the right questions, if your not were you want to be with yourself in life?

When it`s time to leave this physical life, we will all have experienced different things.

Through different choices we created our life, but of course we will all still go the same way out of life, through death.

I wonder if it`s not the same thing we will ask our self when that time comes?

Did i do what I felt was right in my heart through this life?

Perhaps the right question should be. Did i ask the right questions in life?

Or did I deny myself the right to develop myself so i could share life in the highest love and happiness possible?

Is that not a god question to ask?

Is it not the same thing we all should be striving for?

Have we human forgot how wonderful it is to share love and happiness?

Did somebody hear the words.

The truth will set you free.

Love to all of you


About Frank Vitai

I’m a spiritual Healer . I work Global through Skype and FaceTime.