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A journey in spiritual love to enlightenment

What I am currently strives for in the meeting with myself today is a truth, and a deeper understanding and spiritual love, security and presence.

To become enlightened as some my say

Development so I can be whole with myself in life and in the meeting with everyone and everything along the way.

When I now look back on the journey i made ​​until today, it`s with deepest gratitude for all the encounters and experiences I have gone through, that i also see with another distance and understanding, how I sometimes didn´t choose what would have been the heart’s way, the right way always.

When I had the ability through life to see what I experienced possitivt and not interpreted it in a destructive way, but could be in contact with the heart and let the heart guide me through processes of life.

When I did not let emotions scare me, flee and protect me from what I’ve met emotionally, but kept in touch with the heart and its ability to experience a different reality and handle situations.

When I decided to give myself the time to create  a own view through experiences in life, from the heart and not  the detour through other people’s reality that I never knew what It were based on and nor where it led me.

To take the time I needed, so I could go deeper and make the right decisions with contact with my heart instead of the fast decision that never turned out to the best choices when I later look back in life.

Not to be influenced by scientific references or religious references in my choices, if they did not feel right in my heart.

Not to let traditions nor historical experience lead my outcome of choices if they did not feel right in my heart.

This is not always easy.

I forgive myself if I hurt myself and i forgive everyone that caused any sort of pain for mer in my life, and I ask all of you during my life until today for forgiveness if I created any pain or confusion according to you in your life if i was not in contact with my heart.

I have always strived to do what I could and thought was right.

The only way to the enlightened state is according to me today to always trust and let the heart show the way.

Everyone has different ways because we obviously have different prerequisites.

I strive today to follow my heart always so I can get where i`m going and hopefully i developed so much no so i can do this.

I wanna live my  life on earth present and experiencing the highest love and happiness.

And off course also to share this love and journey through life with all of you.

Love and peace.

Hug and love


About Frank Vitai

I’m a spiritual Healer . I work Global through Skype and FaceTime.