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In times of anxiety and stress in the world.

I love sports and music because they are forums where people are united in the heart regardless of origin, culture, religon, political views or economic conditions.

The Olympics started as most know in Athens, Greece. The games served as a cultural link between all Greeks
The five-day games were held in the summer and was Greece’s most important sporting festival. In conjunction with the competitions were all war banned in Greece. It would advise a sacred month long truce so that all Greeks could reach the festival in Olympia, and from there, without risking their lives.
Communication is essential for cohesion and understanding between people.
When it comes to music it also unites people with joy of heart in a different way in which all people are given the freedom to make their voices heard and express themselves in lyrics and music.

Frank Vitai

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I’m a spiritual Healer . I work Global through Skype and FaceTime.